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Monday, January 07, 2013

Use to Track Senate Bills

If you go to the Missouri Senate website at, you can keep track of bills by visiting the “Legislation” tab at the top of the page. There, you can review a plethora of valuable information, including:
·        A complete list of 2013 Senate bills (senators may file legislation for the 2013 legislative session until Feb. 28).
·        A list of daily Senate actions toward measures.
·        A topical index, which catalogs bills by specific topics, including “children and minors” and “cities, towns, and villages.”
·        Bills that receive the final stamp of approval from the Missouri Legislature and are sent to the governor’s desk.
·        An archive listing a variety of details from past sessions, dating back to 1995 (First Regular Session of the 88th General Assembly).

Another tab on the Missouri Senate website is the “Session Information” tab, which, among other topics, lists the major dates for the legislative session, a glossary of legislative terms, and information about how a bill becomes a law. 


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