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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

MO Supreme Court to Hear Important Free Speech Case Next Week

An important case regarding Free Speech will be heard in Jefferson City at 9:30am next Tuesday regarding the Missouri government making useful, truthful and harmless information communicated by Kansas City Premier Apartments a criminal offense.

Dave Roland, Director of Litigation for Freedom Center of Missouri will argue the case for every Missourians right to free speech. He describes the case like this:
The Missouri Real Estate Commission has admitted that Kansas City Premier Apartments provides the public with useful, truthful, and harmless information about rental properties, but in spite of this it insists that the government is within its rights to make the communication of this information a criminal offense unless you are part of a governmentally-approved group.  The commission has also specifically argued that the Missouri Constitution's unique protections for free speech no longer have any independent meaning and cannot provide protections above and beyond those provided by the First Amendment.  We hope to persuade the Court that the Missouri Constitution means what it says when it guarantees "that every person shall be free to say, write or publish, or otherwise communicate whatever he will on any subject, being responsible for all abuses of that liberty."  
If anyone is interested in attending the argument or in showing up for a pre-argument rally in support of KCPA, please contact Dave Roland: dave [at]

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CORRECTION: the hearing is on Tuesday, May 10