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Monday, January 14, 2013

MO 8th District Vacancy Candidates: Parker, Kinder, Steelman, L. Smith, J. Smith, Richardson

Emerson is resigning, and Missouri statute gives the responsibility of appointing her replacement to the Republican committeemen and women in the 8th Congressional district--86 people. (This is why running for Republican township committeeman or woman is important.)

While my title only mentions 6 candidates, a friend of mine from the 8th CD attended a local forum that included 12 (!) candidates. Seems like most people are still not thinking about how to figure out the real difference between the status quo and the someone who might actually say "no" to Washington:

"[Bob Parker was one of 12 at the first of two Candidate Forums.  He's the only one that's done work on the issues of property rights, against real ID, NAIS, etc.  The questions at the Candidate Forum were pitiful.... They were so basic that all the candidates sounded the same.  Although, even with that, only 3 or 4 of them mentioned the word Constitution---and one of those was Lloyd Smith! Pitiful!  Do you support the 2nd amendment? Can you raise enough money?  Do you support stemcell research?  What are you going to do to improve things for the very poor 8th district?  NOTHING about Patriot Act, NDAA, outlining what they would actually do to cut spending, etc.  So all we know is that they're ALL pro 2nd, anti embryo SCR, and for cutting spending..."

I'd heard that Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder was running, which is no surprise. But I also learned this morning that appointing Kinder presents a difficult dilemma for Republicans. Democrat Jay Nixon, according to one state law would appoint his replacement--likely a Democrat. But then, it also seems there is another conflicting law, so there is a bill, that's been filed the last 5 years but vetoed by Nixon, to change it from Gov. appointment to special election. There are enough votes to get by Nixon's veto this time around. But why appoint Kinder...

The featured an article suggesting that the "establishment candidates, "Lt. Gov Peter Kinder, former state treasurer Sarah Steelman, and state party executive director Lloyd Smith have all lost ground in recent weeks to grassroots candidates Jason Smith and Todd Richardson, both of whom are state representatives."

There is no mention of Bob Parker or others in the race from national sources but here's an article from the SEMissourian that has lists all 12 candidates:

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