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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Event: Homeschooling, Common Core, Who Cares?

#1. Homeschooling: Academics' Angst and Attacks
#2. Common Core Standards:
Who Cares?

Brian D. Ray, Ph.D.
President of the National Home Education Research Institute and Homeschooling Father of Eight

Family Vison Library
Date: January 31, 2013, Thursday,
7:00 P.M. – 8:30 P.M.
Place: The Family Vision Library 2020 Parkway Dr.
St. Peters, MO 63376 (go here for directions)
(near I-70 and Exit 225)

Contact Person(s):

National Home Education Research Institute –, 503-364-1490

Free Admission but suggested contribution is $5 per person or $8 per family to the nonprofit National Home Education Research Institute encouraged. Books, reports, and DVDs available from NHERI.

There will be 3 main parts to this evening with Dr. Brian Ray from Oregon:

1. Professors and other academics appear to be increasing their attacks on freedom to privately homeschool. They are exhibiting angst over homeschoolers. Dr. Ray will speak on this, along with its connection to what research says about homeschooling students and families.

2. Common Core Standards – like a national curriculum: Only 5 states have said "no" to them so far. Who cares? What impact might they have on home educators and their children? What do you need to know?

3. Ask questions of, challenge, and hear Dr. Ray respond. Expect an informative Q and A session to round out the evening.

Dr. Ray will help you consider the answers to questions such as the following?
• Are parents qualified to teach their children?
• Are these children receiving an adequate academic education?
• What about socialization? (What is socialization, by the way?)
• How will these children behave when they get into the "real world of adulthood"?
• What do certain worldviews or God have to say about who should be educating – teaching, training, discipling, indoctrinating –
• Are proponents of statism cooperating with or co-opting homeschoolers' standards and plans for their children and their country? • What should be your short-term and long-term visions?

Bring the curious, the critic, your friend, your pastor, and your children's grandparents. Dr. Ray will have some good books and reports on homeschooling and child training for sale.

Dr. Ray has been critically reviewing research in the area of home-based education since 1984. He is the founding editor of Home School Researcher, a quarterly refereed journal dispersing research in home education; has published numerous articles on home education in professional journals (e.g., Peabody Journal of Education, Educational Leadership), Christianity Today, and Homeschooling Today magazine; has been interviewed by numerous radio, print, and television media, including two appearances on the "NBC Today Show" with presidents of the National Education Association; is a former professor of education at the undergraduate and graduate levels and classroom teacher in private and public schools, and has taught home-educated children; is a researcher, and takes a logical and friendly approach to home education. His Ph.D. is in science education from Oregon State University. His books are available at Dr. and Mrs. Ray are homeschooling parents of eight children.

National Home Education Research Institute
PO Box 13939 Salem OR 97309 503/364-1490 fax 503/364-2827

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