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Monday, February 11, 2013

Senate Hearing on Right to Work: Make your voice hear in Jefferson City; Fill Out Hearing Form

The right to either join a union or refrain from joining a union is a basic freedom.  SB 76 and SB 134 defend that freedom.  Hearing is Tuesday, Feb. 126th. (My first post was concerning the House committee hearings. This is a different witness form.)
Please attend the hearing or fill out a witness form now.
Missouri First Home

Last week the hearing for HB 77 was held in the Missouri House of Representatives. This week two companion bills will receive public hearings on the other side of the Capitol.
It's always best if you can attend the hearings and visit with legislators in person, but if you can't make it, please click on the links, below, to fill out an online witness form. Not only will we deliver your printed witness form, but we will also email a link to our new Constituent's Voice page to each committee member.
The comments you fill out in the testimony section of the witness form will be displayed in an easy to access table.  If you checked the boxes to give approval, your phone number and email will be displayed with your comments, so the senator or rep can contact you.

Your help is needed!
Please either attend this hearing or, if you can't make it, fill out an online witness form which will be presented with hundreds of others at the hearing.  Include your own comments on the form.
Witness Form Links for SB 76 & SB 134 (Right to Work in Missouri)

Generic Witness Form: Click for Witness Form

Small Business, Insurance and Industry Committee --  Scott Rupp, 2nd, Chairman
Date:  Tuesday, Feb 12
Time:  1:00 p.m.
Room:  SCR 1 (First floor of Missouri Capitol)
Please fill this form out now and pass this email on to as many friends as you can!
For Liberty,
Ron Calzone

More links:

Did you know that the Missouri has "Right to Work" in the state Constitution?
That's right, Article I, Section 29  says, "That employees shall have the right to organize and to bargain collectively through representatives of their own choosing."

Learn More About The Bills:
SB 76 (Dan Brown) and SB 134 (David Sater) Establishes Right to Work in Missouri, thus codifying Art. I Sec. 29 in the statutes. Protects freedom of association.

Missouri First Principled Policy paper on right to work:
This policy paper tells the history of the Wagner Act, particularly wily FDR's use of the "Court Packing Plan" to coerce the Supreme Court into accepting this unconstitutional federal edict.
It also provides a principled answer to legitimate liberty-based concerns about Right to Work.

More Interesting Resources
Historian Tom Woods:
Forgotten Facts of American Labor History
Labor Law Timeline:
Brief History of American Labor Law

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