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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Why Ron Paul?

He is a man of patience.

Sure, there are some points like...

He's not an eloquent speaker.

He's doesn't say anything new or exciting; it can be boring to hear him speak because it's always the same.

He chooses to discuss issues that I might agree with but certainly wouldn't feel inclined to debate. Example.

Yet at the end of the day, his patience reveals a deep understanding about the reality of this world. His comments at the end of his speech at the St. Louis regional conference sums up what he's all about: know you're stuff and wait for people to come to you for the answers. (He then shared a couple of short anecdotal stories. One story was about a Congressman on the banking committee who asked to confirm that the dollar isn't back by gold any more!)

Ron Paul knows that the solutions to our nations problems are not simple and will not fit on a bumper sticker. (Well, ok "End the Fed" does fit on a bumper sticker but that's only part of solving our problems.)

He knows that no one can cheat in the long run. Despite the world-class packaging, selling lies and calling them truth will only last so long.

He's a man of patience--the kind of patience that stands up when the opportunity comes and trusts that the opportunities will come.