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Saturday, March 07, 2009

Learning how to express me

Communication, in part, is about expressing oneself.

A monthly email newsletter I get from "Communicatrix" uses the tag ling: "A Monthly Newsletter About Expressing the Unique Fabulosity That Is You."

We are all fabulous in our own unique way. Some people have a talent for expressing themselves well with words; others with pictures, others with actions, others in ways I can't think of because as a perfectionist, I wanted one word words to use to keep the sentence balanced. But you know, people, I think, need other people to create balance--to fill full. I don't think anyone of us can be balanced or full all by ourselves.

In the the last issue of "Communicatrix," the author suggests that writers should "spend your time on the things under your control, and do your best to let go of the rest." She then asks:

What does "Control What You Can" mean in terms of expressing your unique fabulosity?

Her suggestions:
1. Share more of yourself, not less
2. Ask more questions...of everyone!
3. Spend more time making stuff of utility

The author seems to have latched on to an new concept to me: who we are can help other people, but that means we've got to be able to express ourselves.

It is, therefore, useful--not selfish--for people to spend time learning how to write, draw, sing, dance, act, play, record, create...anything that expresses the you that others need.

The author ends by saying: "basically, anything that will stretch your abilities and that other people will find somehow useful and remember, informative, supportive and entertaining all fall under the rubric of "useful")

(She hasn't archived her Mar. 2008 newsletter yet, but try going here "" to read it.)

How much time to you spend developing your talents in ways that are useful for others?