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Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Special Prayer Event at the Capitol - Hosted by Missouri Family Network

~ See attached Word document for details ~


Show Me Your Glory Lord


Forty Days of

 Prayer & Fasting




April 2, 2013  -  May 11, 2013


Please Join With Hundreds of

Concerned Christians

Responding to Our Budget Crisis


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

5 pm, 1st Floor Rotunda


Sponsored by:

National Day of Prayer and multiple

Christian Ministries and Denominations


Churches and ministries from all across Missouri will

gather in the capitol rotunda from 5 pm - 6:30 pm

for a prayer assembly to kick off a special called

forty day prayer and fasting emphasis over our

State's budget needs.


Participants are NOT advocating any issues or positions related to

the many controversial topics associated with the State's budget.


Leaders of the prayer assembly will acknowledge elected officials

who are present but will not publicly highlight individuals by name,

positions or party affiliation.  Throughout this forty days of prayer

and fasting Christians and Churches will be encouraged to focus on

prayer for their elected officials with an understanding of the difficult

decisions legislators must make on the budget.


Prayer Principles


Unity  -  Motives  -  Wisdom  -  Patience  -  Humility  -  Solutions


Show Me Your Glory Lord


Calling on the Lord to show Missouri His glory

as we demonstrate our dependence upon Him.


In all your prayers remember your lawmakers, staff, and families!




Protocol for Prayer Walking the Capital


Our assignment: Pray at the Capitol, inside and outside the building and for all the people who work here.

Our focus: To intercede in prayer for legislators, staff and families, that the Divine Will of God be achieved. 

Please be respectful, polite and aware that there are many activities going on in the Capitol. We do not want to be a distraction in any way. Therefore we ask that you respectfully honor the following:


·         Please prayer walk in common areas of the building and grounds only. Do not enter into individual offices or approach individual people while you are praying.  We do recommend that you go to your Representative and Senator's office and thank them for their public service and let them know you are praying for them personally, for their staff, and their families.


·         As you pray remain humble, sensitive and courteous. When praying or worshiping, do so quietly.


·         Prayer walk in groups of two or more.  It is not recommended to exceed groups of 10-12.


·         It is easy to get distracted and opinionated when praying for the government and public officials. Stay focused on the assignment. Do not engage in political conversations or express your personal opinion on the issues.  We are here on this day to pray only.  Please deal with issues another time.


·         We are servants of the Lord and are here to serve our public servants and bless them as we journey on our prayer walk.  We have been invited to come by them and we are their guests.  We want to be a sweet smelling savor to God and our legislators. 


·         Do not be emotional, pray loudly, or manifest in any physical manner that would draw attention to your group or yourselves.  Please pray for the attached Budget Breakdown and Prayer Principles.


Where to Prayer Walk – Who to Pray For


Throughout the Capitol are legislative offices for elected officials, staff and support personnel.

Each of these people serve Missouri.  They are interconnected by staff.  They all have families.



Wherever you pray remember to include all support staff and families.




First Floor

Second Floor

Third Floor

Fourth Floor


Appropriations Staff


Research Offices


Senate Computer Information Systems

& Printing Services


House & Senate

Bill Rooms


House Hearing Rooms


State Museum Off.

Maintenance Staff



State Auditor


Information Services


Rotunda – Museums


Legislative Research


Senate Hearing Rooms





Office of Administration


Office of the Governor


Office of the Lieutenant Governor


Secretary of State


State Treasurer


Senators' Offices


Representatives' Offices


Security Personnel

(Throughout Building)


House & Senate Chambers


Senate Lounge


Senators' Offices


Legislative Library


House Lounge


Representatives' Offices


House & Senate Staff Offices


House Visitors' Galleries


Senate Visitors' Galleries


Press Gallery

Press Corps Offices are located on the First Floor


Senators' Offices


Representatives' Offices


5th Floor Staff not public



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