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Monday, April 01, 2013

Fwd: Anti-Agenda 21 Rally (Property Rights) in Jefferson City on April 4, 8:00 a.m. Please be there!

Capitol Rotunda (First Floor)

Thursday, April 4

8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.

Subject: U.N. AGENDA 21
Dear Missouri Patriot,
Many of of us are familiar with the term Agenda 21. Some of you much more so than the rest, but each of us feel this movement is encroaching into every aspect of our lives. Agenda 21 threatens to keep individuals from holding private property, it affects our children's education, water resources, energy availability,etc and it is already infringing upon our liberties daily here in Missouri. To prevent this happening, we have to have a wide grassroot movement to address Agenda 21. We need a plan to meet the issues of the Agenda threatening us as American citizens.
Ike Skelton is a grassroots activist who, along with other grassroots organizers from across the State, have been tirelessly working to stop Agenda 21 from taking over our State. From these efforts a group called "Missourians Against Agenda 21″ ( has emerged. There are three prongs to this organization: 1. Communication 2. Education 3. Legislation.
We are sending you information in regard to the Legislative arm. You would think with Missouri's Senate and House both having a Republican Majority, the task of getting such bills passed would be very simple. WRONG! The House Bill was held up from a floor vote by the Republican Leadership, but thanks to our grassroot efforts and our new champions of the Republican Party, Ed Martin and Shane Schoeller, Lyle Rowland's House Bill 42 will be voted on April 8th. The Senate Bill has been voted out of committee.
For more information on the bills go here:
Here are ways each of YOU can help…
Please see the attachment with bullet points from Missourians Against Agenda 21. We are asking each of you to use these in calling your State Rep and Senator to:
  1. Ask OUR leadership to put these bills on the floor for discussion in both the House and Senate with an up or down vote.
  2. Urge YOUR legislator to vote YES on these bills.
  3. On April the 4th there will be an Agenda 21 Rally in the Capitol Rotunda from 8:00 AM-10: AM with speakers and informational tables from grassroot activists across the State of Missouri. Please urge YOUR legislator to drop by the rally and tables. This would be a good opportunity for constituents to pay their legislators a visit.
  4. Invite YOUR legislators to an Education Night at the Capitol on 4/3/2013 in Hearing room 3 starting at 7 PM and ending promptly at 9 PM with expert speakers on A21 including:
    • Mindy Patterson, from The Cavalry Group, St. Louis, MO (
    • Thelma Taormina, a national speaker on Agenda 21 who appeared with Glenn Beck
    • Ray Cunio,a grassroots activist in Missouri who has worked with Agenda 21 issues for over 30 years here in our state.
    • Jennie Burlsworth, President and Founder of Secure the Republic
    • Stacy Shore, activist and expert on private property rights
This will be an opportunity for our legislators to receive educational information, ask questions about this issue, have discussion and give their commitments.
PLEASE TAKE NOTE! We are requesting each of YOU to make your call(s) on 3/25/2013 using at least one but not more than three, of these bullet points. We realize many more points could be used which may be better than what we have provided. However, we are asking all grassroot organizations come together and carry the SAME message from all over the state. When OUR legislators hear the same message coming from all across OUR state this will have a greater impact showing we are united in our efforts. (*Note: We have received word that the bills will be voted on on April 8, so if you cannot make your call on 3/25, you can still make them up until April 7.)
To find your legislators' contact information go to these links:
We appreciate your assistance in this effort. Should any of you have questions or concerns please email me at: kgraves3 [at] or Judy Sofka jsofka [at]
Thank you….
Karladine Graves
Note: If you are unfamiliar with U.N. Agenda 21…go here..
(Note: This is a nonpartisan issue, so please have include all your contacts in this effort, no matter their party affiliation)
Click here for the bullet points on which to speak to your legislators.

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