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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Update on St. Louis County Council Mtg RE: special class for gender identity/sexual preference

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Dear Friends,

Last week the St. Louis County Council went forward with their homosexuality agenda.  This bill 279 is slated for final passage next Tuesday.  They are expanding an anti discrimination bill that would now say you cannot discriminate based on sexual preference and/or identity.  I gave two examples last week on how they would used this against private schools and businesses.  This week I will add another scenario, public restrooms.  A man could not be told to leave a women's restroom or changing facility for pools, etc.  Think of the children exposed to this kind of nonsense.  

I sent out the alarm last week and 25 people showed up for the meeting.  2 people showed up for the passage of this bill.  This made a difference.  Of the seven people on the board, two are now with us and we have been told verbally a third is with us.  This means we need one more vote with us.  I said last week and I will continue to say, if we fill that room with 160 people we will get another to turn their vote.  However, 25 people is not going to do this.  25 people for all of St. Louis County in a room is not enough to make a statement.  

If YOU do not show up, the homosexuality agenda will move forward in our city.  There is not a group of people that will take your place.  We will decide as Godly people in our city, who is willing to move out of our comfort zones.  This meeting is at 41 South Central Avenue in Clayton.  There is parking available in a lot directly across the street.  The meeting is at 6 but we need everyone there by 5:30 to sign in to speak against this.  

In addition to showing up please contact your county council people in your district to speak out against this.  You go to the St. Louis County Government website to find out who is your representative based on where you live.  We need many calls to Steve Stenger at 314-615-5442 or 615-0159 and Erby 314-615-5436 or 314-615-5386.  

I pray that each one of you receiving this would hear the urgency in my words.  We NEED YOU!!

God Bless!

Lisa Pannett

Ruth (Carlson) Reynolds
Eagle Forum
Of: 314-721-1213

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patriotsoul said...

I am in Jefferson County.
I can get a hold of Frank about this to put this info. on that the JCTea site, if Jefferson County citizens are able be there to make a difference, at least as a show of support.
If that is possible, how about Franklin, St.Charles, etc.?
We must reverse the onslaught against our beliefs. principles and ultimately freedoms, by those who have vicious and destructive intent, not merely just seekers of acceptance as human beings.
It is not people, but agendas that drive us to fight.
In the end, the result will be NO freedom and a major reversal against all human rights, if we allow the increments (getting larger) of intrusion to continue.
It all starts locally!

Sheri George said...

Thanks for keeping us informed. Can you tell me, if we attend the meeting are we expected to speak? I'm new at this and don't understand exactly how these meetings work. I can speak if needed, based on what God says in the Bible. Or, is just showing up and signing in against the bill enough? If speaking out at the meeting is mandatory (in order to make a difference) then do you have some talking points to help us rookies? Also, if 160 people show up, do they let everyone speak? Will they stay there as long as it takes? Thanks!

patriotsoul said...

Hellooo! I left a comment to post....did you see it?
This post will only be buried!

Ruth said...

Unfortunately, I left the country and I wasn't able to attend either meeting. My goal was just to get the info out about this.

patriotsoul said...

veYou will not like what I had to say.
I am a believer, but I must say, those who showed up in great numbers, throwing the Word of God out to people who really did not care, actually reinforced the sure passage of this bill.
The reason I say this, is because the Word went out as judgement against "people", which is not what this fight is about.
It is more spiritual and best left in private and prayer.
Instead, condemnation ensued, insulting those who were there and only reinforcing, as I said, their resolve.
The reason for the legislation was proven to be correct, IMO!
Not correct to me, so much as to the "accused".
I did not realize, the bill was also sponsored by two of the council members who had a fair case, that the words coming out of the mouths of religious people were proof of discrimination.
It sealed up for me, the reason I became a nondemoninational, non-religious believer.
It is a shame that it was not the Declaration of Independence and Constitution that were referred to, except by a couple of people who spoke.
This is also a huge shame, since more gun restrictions were attached to the crappy bill, and everything in it was another step towards lawsuits, more rights being stolen and another subgroup used to attack our founding principles.
Needless to say, the vote for the bill in the end, was a winning "Yes".
How disappointing the whole thing was.