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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Fwd: MO Legislative Liberty Update -- Senate Republicans to Discuss Setting Up Obamacare Exchange

Yes, Obamacare can still be killed, one state at a time, just like we killed the RealID Act...

...but it will take a lot of work.

The first step is to keep Missouri from establishing the Obamacare health insurance exchange. Although 63% of Missourians voted to prohibit the governor from setting up an exchange last Tuesday, Prop E does not keep the state legislature from setting on up.

The senate Republicans will be meeting Friday and Saturday to dicuss their options. We have just a few days to convince them to comply with the people's will, and just say NO! to the exchange and all of Obamacare.

Here are some facts the media just won't point out:

  1. The Obamacare exchange is NOT simply an online resource for shopping insurance. It sets up new restrictions and penalties that will reduce your options. Some smaller insurance companies have already gone out of business -- Obamacare will leave only a few huge insurace companies with monopolistic protections.
  2. An exchange set up by the state does not give us control. HB609, the 2011 bill to set up a Missouri exchange included at least 40 references to federal laws or bureaucracies that dictate virtually every meaningful aspect of the exchange. Click for a marked up copy of HB609. And here's the Missouri First analysis of that bill.

Here are a couple of very good articles by the Cato Institute's Michael F. Cannon pointing out the need to fight the exchange:


Action Item:

Call or email each Republican senator before Thursday. Tell them the people of Missouri don't want them to set up an Obamacare exchange any more than they want the governor to. The sentiment behind the Prop E vote applies to them, too!

(Here are the senators for whom we have public contact information.  Some of the new senators don't have published information yet.)

FName LName City Email1   O. Phone   Party
Dan  Brown  Rolla  573-751-5713  R
Mike  Cunningham       
Tom  Dempsey  St Charles  573-751-1141  R
Bob  Dixon  Springfield  573-751-2583  R
Edgar  Emery  Lamar     
Michael  Kehoe  Jefferson city    573-751-2076  R
Will  Kraus  Lees summit  573-751-1464 
Brad  Lager  Savannah 573-751-1415  R
John  Lamping  St Louis    573-751-2514  R
Douglas  Libla  Poplar Bluff     
Brian  Munzlinger  Williamstown    573-751-7885  R
Brian  Nieves  Washington  573-751-3678  R
Michael  Parson  Bolivar  573-751-8793  R
David  Pearce  Warrensburg  573-751-2272 
Ron  Richard  Joplin    573-751-2173  R
Gary  Romine  Farmington     
Scott  Rupp  Wentzville    573-751-1282  R
David  Sater   
Robert  Schaaf  St Joseph   R
Kurt  Schaefer  Columbia  573-751-3931  R
Eric  Schmitt  St Louis    R
Ryan  Silvey  Kansas city   
Wayne  Wallingford   
Jay  Wasson  Nixa  573-751-1503 


For Liberty,

- Ron Calzone

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