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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

1 big difference between McCain and Romney

By  Paul Hamby
Date: Mon, Sep 24, 2012 at 2:41 PM

John McCain spent his entire life working for government


Mitt Romney built successful businesses from the ground up.


Mitt Romney rescued failing businesses and turned them around.


Mitt Romney failed at some of his business ventures


Mitt Romney was personally responsible for a payroll.  You never really understand business until you are put in the situation that your employees get paid first, and you and your family may have to wait for a paycheck during slow times. 


John McCain depended on you and me to fund his paycheck his entire life.


I did not support Romney in 08 or the 12  primary. 


I find some truth in much of what has been written on this thread and especially appreciate Mr Hennessey's comments.


However,  I am putting some hope and faith in Mitt Romney.


He is a good moral man, but he is no Jimmy Carter.


He understands business and free market economics. 


That type of man is very hard to find in Washington DC in 2012.


Mr Romney's comments about the 47% dependency class only made me more committed to vote for him.  The part of the tape you may not have heard is Romney's criticism of Ben Bernanke and The FED's loose monetary policy.  That tape was made before QE3.  That talk was to a private group.  Romney was not courting the Ron Paul crowd that day and the media have all failed to broadcast that part of the tape – except for Glenn Beck.


Is he Ron Paul?  NO.   but he listens to Ron and Carol Paul.


But there is a very very big difference between Romney and Obama.


Romney believes in the American dream as taught to me in rural America

Obama does not believe in the American dream but instead practices redistribution for all the wrong reasons.  


His record on foreign aid to the wrong folks is reason enough to throw him out. 

His support of ACORN and voter fraud is reason enough to throw him out.

His support of Van Jones and Rham Emmanuel is reason enough to throw him out.


But I am not just voting against Obama in November.


I will vote for Romney because I think he can be a good President.  

I will vote for Romney because I think we will learn things about him we don't yet know and we will be pleased.

I will vote for Romney because I think he is the best chance we have right now to save capitalism

I will vote for Romney because I believe he will bring a level of class and respect to the office of the President that we have not seen since Ronald Reagan.  He may not communicate as well as Reagan, but he certainly is the same caliber of individual.

I will vote for Romney because if Obama is re-elected,  the world will slip into a deep depression, possibly worse than the 1930's and the result of deep depression is almost always war.

I will vote for Romney because I don't want America involved in another Libya, Iraq or Viet Nam war.


Isn't it time we let the largest free market economy be run by someone who is not a government bureaucrat?


Paul Hamby

Maysville Missouri


p.s. full disclosure;  I volunteered for and donated money to Ron Paul in 2008 and 2012

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