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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Why do we rally?

Have you ever thought about that? Why rally? And why do we keep doing it?

Why should we attend the Consent of the Governed Rally at the State Capitol on the first day of session (Jan. 5 at 10am)?

Sure, speeches that are longer than about 2 minutes boring and many times, even good speakers, use empty, worn-out sound bites more than than needed.

Yet we we rally because it's a celebration of common beliefs and victories to affirm our common goal: a return to freedom and prosperity.

The sponsors of this rally, the Missouri Leadership Project, is collaboration of independent groups who want to make sure all the incoming and veteran lawmakers know that we* haven't lost interest yet.

Remember, as I always tell myself, solutions don't come from rallies, but the rallies provide the place for connections and for the real leaders to stand out--either in the speeches they give or their organization skills (and what our movement lacks are leaders we can elect to office).

Now of course, sprinkled in-between a few outstanding speakers, there are lots people who could good speakers giving bad speeches simply because can. They get so used to public speaking, and we're so desperate to hear some sanity come from the pulpit, we tolerate the ramblers (and yes, the just bad speakers...)

We keep participating because it's moving the ball forward. Our country didn't get here over night, and it takes lots of solidifying the troops (figuratively speaking) before solid action can be taken.

Even more, rallies are about showing up in big numbers, so even if you have a contrary outlook on rallying, protesting, and anything else that basically boosts egos (like I do), you still should go to rallies, protests, and speeches--especially the the rally at the state capitol in Jeff. City on Jan. 5 where legislators need to see our faces.

Really, this is an excuse to go the Capitol and reminder our lawmakers: the people who elected you are watching.

note to audience: "we" refers to citizens who are concerned that our nation is both financial and morally bankrupt
note to self: re-read tomorrow and fix typos