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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Reasons Why the "Healthcare Reform" in Congress is Unconstitutional

Missouri State Representative Tim Jones gave 3 reason why the "Healthcare Reform" bill in Congress is unconstitutional at a recent meeting.

1. The federal constitution does not give the Congress the power to require citizens to buy a product, in this case medical insurance.

A. This is not a tax and spend provision, not an enumerated power listed in our Constitution.

B. 2 Clauses
-commerce clause - not designed to protect anything the federal government wants to do like forcing citizens to purchase a product
-general welfare clause - this is forcing the citizens to purchase a product not the government providing

2. Equal Protection: All of the promises and deal cutting that gave certain states (Florida, S. Dakota, Wisconsin, Nebraska) means that all Americans are not receiving the same protections

3. Sovereignty - 10th Amendment
Federal / State model - the current health care reform plan violates our basic form of government by using the federal government to tell the States what to do

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