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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Say What?

While I was at the capitol building in Jefferson City yesterday, I just happened to sit next to a school counselor from a middle school in Wellston, a city in the St. Louis City area. She was there with about 40 students from her school. She had a bright blue sticker that said “Responsible” and “Protection” on her shirt. After a brief conversation with her and the young lady who coordinated the day for Planned Parenthood, I learned that the students were student mentors, basically 8th graders talking to 6th graders about “safe” sex and how to use “protection.” These students received permission to leave school on Planned Parenthood sponsored buses justified as social studies in action by taking a trip to the capitol.

The students, as well as others including a group called “Clergy for Contraception,” were at the capitol to rally against HB 1075, a bill sponsored by Rep. Cynthia Davis. The Planned Parenthood coordinator misrepresented the bill by stating that it would prohibit sex ed instructors from discussing STDs. However, that is not in the wording or in the intent of the bill. HB 1075 bans outside groups such as Planned Parenthood, or any group that provides abortions, from teaching or providing materials for sex ed courses in Missouri schools. When I caught her on this, she brushed it off.

Peter writes about the false prophets and teachers that arose before the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem. He writes that they “bring in destructive heresies,” have “eyes for adultery, insatiable for sin” and “entice unsteady souls” (2 Pet. 2:1,14). Likewise, today there are false prophets and teachers who blindly teach what they do not understand. They react to a fallen world without any hope or guidance. And they visit Jefferson City everyday.

Psalm 1:1-2
Blessed is the man
who walks not in the counsel of the wicked
nor stands in the way of sinners,
nor sits in the seat of scoffers;
but his delight is in the law of the Lord,
and on his law he meditates day and night.


Centurion said...

The story of your encounter in Jeff City ought to be broadcast from the rooftops and pulpits until heard by all. Every parent, especially Christians, should be made aware of the anti-Christ control of government schools, Those who deny such influence are
living in deception.

The irony is that these insidious,
destructive programs are funded with the taxes of believers!

Are we all accessories to murder and other moral mayhem?

Josh Walchester said...

In the UK talking about contraception in schools is not surprising and is part of the national curriculum from the age of 11, but because abortions are within the NHS system you don't have to worry about anyone advertising them to grow their market, because it is not economical, in the absence of this dubious advantage, I think in- school sex education is probably the right way to go.
On the wider topic of abortion and contraception, I don't know whether you agree, but it seems to me that to assume Christianity is a bad idea in any mixed-crop society, and in any classroom where children have not yet decided whether they will follow Jesus. I think it is completely fair to say that condom/pill based sex education will push up the unmarried-sex rate in certain demographics; through making it acceptable to plan for, but it also stops a lot of teenage pregnancies, which are awkward things to deal with nowadays, anyway I tend to lean towards more education rather than less.
The idea of NHS abortions however has always seemed very uncomfortable to me; do I really want my taxes going to that? I suppose the effect is useful in its devaluing sense, but I just wish that there was some kind of contribution the mother had to pay that would both devalue a private abortion industry, and keep tax burden to a minimum. It would also I hope make the idea less palatable to people and make them more likely to seek adoption. Anyway, I'll get off an economic treatment of such a desperately sad situation and on to those lobbyists; how do you think Christians should respond? We may not sit in the council of the wicked but we still take our place at the city gate, should people lobby back? Educate/discuss with the lobbyists so that they become more reasonable? Praying’s probably a good start!