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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

My letter was published!!

Check out my letter in the recent West Newsmagazine. The link goes to the recent letters only; therefore, I don’t know it my letter will still be there after about a week.

I’ve decide that if I’m going to sow seeds, I’ve got to get out into the field. So, I’m going to start sending letters to the editors of the local papers, calling my legislators, and getting people I know to do the same.

That’s my plan anyway. :)

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pealsup said...

Ruth! Keep it up! I myself have had quite a few letters printed in the KC Star over here! It feels kind of cool seeing yourself in a major publication like that, doesn't it?

Keep calling your Congressmen, or send them emails (my way of doing it) or whatever! Let them know what their constituents think, that way they can hopefully represent you better in the legislature.

Anyway, this is Michael from Political Fix. Just thought I'd offer the encouragement!