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Monday, August 27, 2012

Missouri's Delegates on Rules Committee Haven't Signed Onto Minority Report Opposing Power Grab

Missouri's delegates on the Rules Committee at the RNC are:

Harvey Tettlebaum

Patricia Thomas

Vote is on Tuesday.

Take Action. Now!
UPDATE: Protect your state's delegates!
UPDATE: Protect your state's delegates!

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UPDATE Aug. 27th:

Just a quick update on the situation we shared with you last night from the Republican National Convention.  We need your help to stop a proposed rule change that would allow a presumptive nominee to "disavow" delegates. 
Thank you to all of you who have already called your delegates serving on the Rules Committee.  Below is a list of states whose Rules Committee delegates have both signed onto the Minority Report.  If your state is listed below, there is no need for further calls.  If your state is not listed below, please contact your representatives serving on the Rules Committee. 

North Dakota
South Carolina
If your state is not listed above, Please click here, find your delegates serving on the Rules Committee and urge them to Please vote to adopt the Minority Reports on Rules and urge your delegation to call for a roll call vote on all Rules-related votes.
This battle is not about preferring one candidate over another, it is about protecting each state's right to choose how it selects and governs its own delegates.  We  need you to take action today!

August 26, 2012

Shenanigans are happening at the Republican National Convention, and we need your help to protect your state's delegates!

A proposed rule change would allow the Presidential nominee to "disavow" duly elected delegates and force the states to hold new elections to replace any delegate or alternate deemed unacceptable by the Nominee. 

This would not only undermine the will of the electorate and give the presumptive nominee enormous power to block delegates with whom he or she disagrees, it would impose a financial burden on the state to hold new elections to replace the disavowed delegates. States would have to write rules to govern this newly imposed burden.

This would take power away from the state parties and put the Nominee in charge of determining your state's delegates.  Some are calling this the largest power grab in Republican Party history.

There is a Minority Report being circulated that would stop this change.  We need you to contact your state's delegates serving on the Rules Committee.  These delegates and their contact information is listed below. 

Take Action

Here is a list of delegates serving on the Rules Committee listed alphabetically by state.  Please take a moment to find the delegates from your state to urge them sign onto and vote FOR the Minority Report from the Rules Committee to stop the proposed change. The vote is expected to take place Tuesday.  Please only contact delegates from your state.


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