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Thursday, May 31, 2012

History Lesson - Prop Y - Tue. June 5 - VOTE NO

I googled "Tom Sullivan Prop Y" and discovered that the Prop Y that St. Louis City and County voters will vote on is not the first Prop Y MSD has put on the ballot.

Here's the timeline:

Clean Water Act was amended in 1972. Tom Sullivan has asked, why did MSD wait so long to meet it's requirements??? Why did it wait till the EPA sued?

Voters approved by 70% Prop Y in 2004: $670 million in bonds for upgrades

The EPA sued MSD, and it put Prop. Y on in 2008 to approve another $275 million in bonds

Voters approved by 75% Prop Y in 2008.

EPA sues MSD again. This time, the improvements needed/settlement is over $4 BILLION

On June 6, voters be asked to approve another $945 million, which is essentially nearly $1.9 BILLION because the interest is about $1 interest for $1 principle.

What will you do to stop Prop Y on Tue., June 6, 2012??

Please like the Prop Y - Vote NO Facebook page, and share the image.

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