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Friday, February 17, 2012

Local S. Baptist College, Hannibal-LaGrange University, opposes to the Obama Administration’s mandate that health insurance plans cover contraceptives

February 12, 2012


Reference: Dr. Terry M. Buster, Chairman, HLGU Board of Trustees

Official Position of the HLGU Board of Trustees

Hannibal, MO – Hannibal-LaGrange University participates in the group medical plan

of GuideStone Financial Resources. The plan is available to all eligible employees of HLGU

and their dependents. It is not available to students of Hannibal-LaGrange.

GuideStone’s group medical plan does not cover abortion, abortifacients, or emergency

contraceptives, procedures, services or medication that would yield similar results.

The health care reform mandated by the Obama administration contains contraception

coverage as part of those requirements. GuideStone’s group medical plan, as is the case with

most plans in the nation, could eventually be subject those contraceptive coverage requirements

unless appropriate religious accommodations are granted. GuideStone does not and will not

provide abortive contraceptives.

Hannibal-LaGrange University is in total opposition to the Obama Administration’s

mandate that health insurance plans cover contraceptives, including ones that can cause

abortions. We believe that this decision to require schools like Hannibal-LaGrange University to

provide to its employees medical coverage which covers abortion-inducing contraceptives is an

affront to our religious liberties. We strongly oppose any Governmental edict that infringes on

fundamentals of our beliefs.

At Hannibal-LaGrange University we firmly believe that God holds human life to be

sacred. We strongly object to legislation that mandates providing abortion coverage (Plan B,

Ella, morning after pill, or RU-486) to our employees and their dependents.

We join our health care provider, GuideStone, in their effort to have this mandate

removed from our health plan.

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