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Thursday, October 06, 2011

Steve Jobs, an entrepreneur who experienced winning and losing

NPR featured a great short piece on Steve Jobs's life, and one thing that strikes me: we live in a world full of businesses who "need" subsidizing, but he didn't.

The greatest enemy of the entrepreneur is government intervention.
Perry E. Gresham
Liberty and the Entrepreneur 
We keep hearing that businesses are "too big to fail" and about companies who "need" subsidies so they can "scale" production to "break in" to the market.

What if the companies that are "too big" are just sucking up capital that could be reinvested?

The entrepreneur, moreover, must be able to face failure and be resourceful enough to learn from it. Some of the most successful companies in America are the result of early entrepreneurial failures. The imaginative and creative business person learns by failure, as well as by success.
Perry E. Gresham
Liberty and the Entrepreneur

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