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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Van Jones's Plan = 3 Pay Checks for Red-State Farmers

Van Jones, who worked with the Obama Admin to redistribute tax payer money via "Green Jobs,"  talked to undergraduates and law students as well as the public at Washington University today.

While I was only able to video tape the last 15 minutes of his speech, I can say two things about Van Jones:

1. He's an inspiring speaker who is motivated by a deep moral conviction that it's important for the strong to stand up for the weak.

2. He believes the best way to stand up for the weak is through government programs that implicitly require the redistribution of wealth using a 21st-century code word for it: green jobs.

Watch Van Jones describe the three pay checks (from who?? YOU minus money to pay politicians and bureaucrats) that "Red-State farmers" would get if his plan was enacted. Note: he is about real equality; he's not just giving taxpayer money to the inner city communities, he wants to give it to the rural communities too!

In sum:

1. Farmers would get paid by the government via subsidies needed to support windfarms and turbine technology that requires huge capital investments

2. Farmers would get paid to grow "energy crops" via substidies given to business that can't support themselves without help because their energy costs MORE than coal, gas or nuclear energy

3. Farmers could sell carbon from the ground to companies who need carbon credits if "Cap and Tax" passes!

Yes, there might be "Green Jobs" out there, but my question for Van Jones is: where's the pay check coming from?