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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Leadership Drives the Agenda: Why You Should Care Who is Senate Pro-Tem in MO

When it comes down to it, Missouri's Republican-controlled legislature has no excuse for not passing conservative legislation except that the leadership positions are so powerful, there are big incentives for playing favorites--with our tax dollars.

You can help change politics in Missouri by signing a petition in favor of not electing Sen. Engler to the highest post in the Senate. Sen. Engler is a nice guy but he also has a record of handing out taxpayer dollars to corporate interests and Unions, and avoiding Democratic filibusters. Moreover, during the Republican reign, why hasn't there been school choice reforms? a simpler tax code adopted? a constitutional amendment protecting our health care freedom passed? property rights protections adopted?

Why not?

Sign the petition to say loud and clear: we're tired politics as usual; tired of doing the same things and expecting different results; tired of Republicans acting like Democrats.

Basically this is an effort to let our Senators in Jefferson City know that people are watching, and that there is support for a conservative agenda in Missouri. While it's not common for "the people" to be involved in how the Senators choose their leadership, it's time to at least try something different. Doing the same things over and over doesn't seem to be working. 

Consider the laws past last session: a watered down Health Care Freedom Act, a phony ethics bill (that favors Unions and Party control), corporate welfare, a law that will make insurance premiums in MO go up, support for Race-to-the-Top...

While Missouri isn't in deep in debt, there are important issues that aren't being addressed because there are powerful lobbying interests against what's in the best interests of the masses. 

Sign the petition to speak out!

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