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Thursday, December 17, 2009

'When did $98,560 household income qualify for welfare in Missouri? '

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Missouri Campaign for Liberty strongly opposes the giveaway of 15 million dollars through the MHDC, Missouri Housing Development Commission.

Last month, Gov. Jay Nixon and State Treasurer Clint Zweifel proposed that MHDC would pay the property tax for anyone who buys a house in Missouri in 2010. The only limitation is income. You would need to make less than $98,560. Nixon and Zweifel announced they would bring the plan before the Missouri Housing Development Commission on Dec. 18th at the MHDC meeting in Jefferson City.

Quoting from Zweifel’s press release “The funding would come from a [$15 million] reserve fund held by Missouri Housing Development Commission (MHDC) earned through successful management of mortgage loans made to low- and medium-income individuals and families. These reserve funds are not from general revenue, nor subject to the legislature's appropriation process.” MHDC is a commission operated by the State of Missouri. It is funded by federal and state tax payer dollars. It is just plain wrong to tax low and middle income Missourians and then pay someone else’s 2010 property tax with their money. When did $98,560 household income qualify for welfare in Missouri?

The economic crisis of 2008 was created in part by a housing bubble that pushed folks into home ownership who should have never had loans, and then defaulted on their loans. Why are Governor Nixon and Treasurer Zweifel trying to re-create the housing bubble in 2010?

Missouri has a 1 billion dollar Budget Deficit. Did our Governor suddenly have a bout of amnesia regarding the 1 billion dollar income shortfall in the Missouri State Budget?

If the goal is to get more Missourians into housing, there is a simple proven formula for that: Good paying jobs for Missourians. A business climate to create more jobs is where the Governor should be focusing. That means Less Government Regulation, Less Taxes on Small Businesses and Families, and Less Federal Mandates. When government starts meddling, fairness goes out the window. Please call the MHDC board and tell them to Vote No on redistributing the 15 million slush fund. Their numbers are 816-759-6600 and 314-877-1350.