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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

What about the widows?

Many people in the church (and in life) feel invisible. They think to themselves: "we just want someone from the church to know we're alive,"especially older widows.

Remembering a name, greeting with hug, and asking about a favorite pastime might feel awkward at first, but I believe caring for others requires us to careless about how we feel ourselves.

"Every one of us has so much to offer....As each of us discovers and nurtures your gifts and celebrates the gifts of others in the Church, we see glimpses of what it means to live a life of true worship."

"True caring is a choice. True caring sometimes means choosing to be with someone in hardship rather than without them in prosperity. It is loving over the long haul, loving through disappointments, and loving in the midst of losses that may not be redeemed until heaven."

From Real Love for Real Life by Ashworth

This is probably the first in a series of posts on the question: What does it mean to "care" for people?

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