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Friday, April 21, 2006

Public vs. Private Schools

What would you think if someone claimed that public schools out performed private schools, specifically Christian private schools? A study performed by the US Dept. of Education through U of I Champagne supports such a claim. What's more, a writer for Washington Monthly claims that Pres. Bush's No Child Left Behind Act was "a long-term plan to erode the public faith in public schools," which would create a legitimate reason for parents to support vouchers or take their children out of school.

Oh, if only President Bush really would devise such a well-thought out plan to put an end to the State's monopoly on education.

John Stossel criticized the public schools' performance in January on 20/20 in a episode called "Stupid in America." Stossel's piece focused on how a lack of competition allows schools to perform poorly without consequence. Lee Duigon of Chalcedon has started a series of essays on the public schools' effort to remain America's premier education resource. He points out what Stossel leaves out: the cultural and political agendas transferred from the teachers to the students.

What do you think: can state schools be improved? Can the state provide a "neutral" education? Do parents have a right to choose between public and private schools for their children since it is their tax money?


Centurion said...

No, No and Yes.

First "No" should be N/A.

Second "No" -- Impossible, no such animal.

"Yes" -- But why is the question relevant? See below for one view.

Core question: Is education by the state (other than military or police) a biblically and constitutionally-ordained function?

Answer: No.

Are property taxes, the funding source for most government education, a biblically and constitutionally authorized means
of payment?

Answer: No.

How do I know what I know?

How do you who ponder these questions know what you know?

What does it mean to be epistemologically self-conscious?

Is that like mumps? Or worse?

Excellent topic, Ruth! Hope you get some action, from students, parents and future parents.

Curry said...

Public vs. Private
Having been a teacher in both school settings, each have its own pros and cons. Public- Has the activities and the courses that some private schools could not afford to have. Private has Bible-but depending on your theology most private schools will not give Holy Spirit a thought. So a Spirit - filled private school would be wonderful, but there are not many out there. Another thing is that some not all Private schools have become water down in their academics, blame it on their theology-If we lose anyway-what is the point of education but to get a average job just to live until the end.
We need a school that is Spirit-filled and Academicly challeging. So that we are a people well in formed and who can make a difference in the world not just in theory but a real difference.
Just a short note could go on I am sure.