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Friday, September 09, 2011

The best way to change government... to change the people in government! 

(And keep the few willing to fight against status quo...)

I'm passing along a notice about a Missouri Precinct Project (MOPP) training session in Jeff City on Oct. 1, which focuses on teaching YOU how to meet your neighbors to find like-mind voters to influence, and ultimately, change (hold accountable) who is in Washington (and in all the other little offices too.)

MOPP is hosting a training session in Jefferson City on Saturday, Oct 1.,  and I encourage you to attend. We cannot rely on the Party system to pick and elect our candidates any longer. Change requires YOUR action. I'll be there and I hope you can make it too. 

Volunteers and friends of MOPP:

You probably have heard or seen the announcements by American Majority, a national non-profit, non-partisan political training institute and that they are starting national training seminars across the country on September 17, 2011. Well, the Missouri Precinct Project (MOPP) is one of the first organizations to have a joint training session with American Majority on Saturday, October 1, 2011 in Jefferson City.  Go to our website - it also has a link to American Majority and sign up for this fabulous training online as soon as possible.

American Majority is a national organization that has developed state of the art training tools that our volunteers can use and they will benefit from the expertise that American Majority has developed. It would be well worth your time to come to this training and learn the latest strategies of how to take back our country one neighborhood at a time. I would love to see you there.

I know - there is a debate scheduled for that date between Ann Wagner and Ed Martin. They are both running for Congress from the 2nd Congressional District. But they'll have more debates. I know, because I already scheduled their debate for Bonhomme Township in December. So you won't have to miss our favorite candidate for this important office.

Hope to see you in Jefferson City on Saturday, October 1, 2011 and really find out how to walk your neighborhood.

Frieda Keough
Missouri Precinct Project (MOPP)
"Let's MOPP 'em up in '12"
for more information call:
Now...Join us on Facebook and FreedomConnector my friends who are elected officials, I hope you do not take offense to my suggestion that you should be removed from office. The point is not that everyoneshould be removed, but that the people in government are who shape its actions.

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