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Monday, April 15, 2013

What's going on at the Dept. of Revenue?





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What's Going on at the Department of Revenue?


Over the course of the last month it has been brought to the attention of the legislature the Dept. of Revenue has been collecting personal data of Missourians from our drivers licenses and concealed carry permits. This action is blatantly illegal and even after we in the General Assembly subpoenaed the department to investigate the matter, they have been evading our attempts to garner as much information as possible about their actions. To add insult to injury, we discovered today the Nixon administration has been coordinating with the federal government thru the Dept. of Public Safety to hand over lists of CCW permit holders! This action is also illegal based on laws we passed in Missouri back in 2009. Here is a brief history of the issue and our actions in the legislature to protect Missouri's private information, so you know what's actually going on.


In 2005 the federal Real ID Act was passed by Congress under the premise of enhancing security and safety for Americans.

Many states, after reviewing the language felt the law was too intrusive and put individual citizens' privacy at risk. In response a majority of states passed laws prohibiting their own departments from complying with the federal law.


In 2009 Missouri passed HB361, adding them to the list of states that were not going to comply the Real ID Act. By passing this legislation, we effectively decided as a state to protect our citizens privacy and prohibit the federal government from gaining access to our state's files. This prevents the federal government from building databases to include our citizenry. I was proud to support this legislation in 2009 and voted to pass this into law.


Despite the legislature passing the law and it going into effect, the Nixon administration decided to adopt various rule changes and collaborate with the federal government anyway! Because of these changes within the department last year, MO Dept. of Revenue issued this letter indicating they were going to be making changes to the renewal process that are very much like the procedures used in Real ID. They also issued this sample ID which looks very similar to other IDs that are compliant with Real ID. After the individual license offices began scanning our personal documents, it didn't take long for us to put "two and two" together to figure out what has taken place. In effect, the Nixon administration decided to ignore our 2009 law and hand over Missourian's information to the federal government anyway!


Early in 2013 a man in Stoddard County MO refused to comply with the renewal process of handing over his source documents to be copied and sent to the fee office contractor's remote location in Georgia for verification. As a result, Eric Griffin, the Plaintiff was denied a license and subsequently filed an injunction against the fee office and Dept. of Revenue. If you read the article below the Dept. of Revenue maintains this transition has nothing to do with Real ID, however a number of other questions arise.


In March 2013 my colleagues and I began receiving contacts from our constituents regarding the license renewal process and questioned the Dept. of Revenue at a legislative hearing. After getting unsatisfactory and then conflicting answers from the Dept. Sen. Schaeffer from Columbia then had a subpoena issued for all the documents from the Dept. of Revenue regarding the issue.


Currently, we in the legislature are in the midst of going through these documents to see what they reveal. However, based on what we have heard from Jefferson City so far there is definitely reason to be concerned. Here are a couple of the issues that have risen off the top of my head:

1)      A number of state agencies are potentially involved in this scheme as federal money was transferred through them to the Dept. of Revenue to pay for some of the new license implementation process.

2)      Based on the testimony from a number of individuals with first-hand knowledge of what the department is up to, the process for document collection has not been explained to people as they apply.

3)      The Department itself has not acknowledged destruction of any documents being sent to the remote location by the vendor other than a phone call.

4)      There are other state laws that may be in violation as they relate to equipment purchasing and destruction that would involve the vendor, whether it be hole punches or video cameras.

5)      There is some cause for concern over identity theft because the people actually handling these documents are not government employees, but private vendors.


I am committed to protecting your privacy and preventing the Governor's administration from further participating in a nationwide database. Considering the many issues at hand relating to gun control efforts by President Obama and Congress, the gravity of the situation cannot be overstated. The U.S. Attorney General himself admitted this week that a national gun registry is the goal of President Obama. Considering how well these executive orders dovetail with 'Obamacare' we are witnessing what has obviously been a strategic plan for gun control in America. As long as I'm in office, I pledge to fight any and all efforts to place restrictions on gun ownership and prevent the federal government from gaining access to my constituents personal information. These are concerning times, but with bi-partisan support shown in the legislature this week on these issues I am encouraged we will ultimately meet success in protecting Missouri's citizens. Please call or write me anytime with thoughts or suggestions on this or any other matter.


As always if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call my office at 573-751-4285, or email me at


Representative Casey Guernsey

Proudly Serving the 3rd House District

Daviess, DeKalb, Gentry, and Harrison Counties

Missouri House of Representatives









Monday, April 08, 2013

BLUNT gets $60,000 from Monsanto, gives Monsanto immunity from federal courts when it comes to their GMO crops

Monsanto Protection Act — a legislative 'rider' that grants biotech juggernaut Monsanto immunity from federal courts when it comes to their GMO crops. Although 'written' by Senator Roy Blunt, who actually gave Monsanto the ability to write their own Monsanto Protection Act and has received over $60,000 from Monsanto, Mikulski has taken serious flak for the passing of the rider

Top Senator Apologizes for Monsanto Protection Act


by Anthony Gucciardi
April 2nd, 2013
Updated 04/03/2013 at 4:48 am




<image002.png>Senator Barbara Mikulski of Maryland has released a public statement apologizing to the public for the passing of the Monsanto Protection Act, stating that the legislation was buried deep within a government spending bill that was required to 'prevent a government shutdown'.

Mikulski is the Senate Appropriations Committee Chairwoman, one who was ultimately responsible for passing the bill that contained the notorious Monsanto Protection Act — a legislative 'rider' that grants biotech juggernaut Monsanto immunity from federal courts when it comes to their GMO crops. Although 'written' by Senator Roy Blunt, who actually gave Monsanto the ability to write their own Monsanto Protection Act and has received over $60,000 from Monsanto, Mikulski has taken serious flak for the passing of the rider.

A rider that Monsanto thought they could slip through the Senate without much of a fight, only to find that the alternative news has made it a mainstream media topic by force (despite GMO lovers saying that it never even happened).

Massive Activism Leads to Apologies

In a release from Senator Mikulski's office, Mikulski states that she actually sides with frustrated activists who are against the Monsanto Protection Act and had no other choice but to pass the spending bill to prevent 'government shutdown'. And she's not the only one. Senator Tester reportedly told Politico that the rider serves no one but major biotech corporations, and many others have begun to speak out following the outcry.

The Mikulski office press release written by a staffer and summarizing the stance of Mikulski, reads:

"She didn't put the language in the bill and doesn't support it either.  As Chairwoman of the Appropriations Committee, Senator Mikulski's first responsibility was to prevent a government shutdown. That meant she had to compromise on many of her own priorities to get a bill through the Senate that the House would pass. She will continue to fight for a regular and timely Appropriations process and other valuable priorities, including food safety."

Now the question is whether or not she is being sincere or simply performing PR damage control following the fact that the public is finding out about the severity if the issue.  Instead of arguing the reality behind the politics of the bill and whether or not it would lead to 'government shutdown' as she says, let's look at her fruits regarding the GMO issue. First of all, my question is why did she not say anything before the issue got super hot in the media? Why did she not warn her citizens and the US at large about what was happening before she was a target?

Admittedly, and as her release states, she has supported the labeling of genetically modified fish — something that the FDA should do anyway without political pressure (but they won't) through legislation. But what about the fight against Monsanto's immunity? The reality is that multiple Senators are now being forced to answer for their actions thanks to serious outrage from the public and readers like you that genuinely just want to eat real food and prevent destructive corporations like Monsanto from receiving immunity against the law.

Even if some of the Senators are just covering their rear ends, the fact is that we do have a voice and we are forcing those responsible for passing corrupt legislation accountable.


10 Questions For The Gang Of Eight

April 8, 2013

For Immediate Release

Contact: Stephen Miller, 202.224.4124




10 Questions For The Gang Of Eight


Some Of The Many Questions That Must Be Answered Before Legislation Is Produced


Due to the enormous complexity of immigration reform and the profound consequences for American workers, taxpayers, and society at large, many have advocated for a step-by-step approach rather than a comprehensive one. The last attempt at comprehensive legislation was riddled with flaws and loopholes that made it unworkable—serving the special interests but not the national interest. Dozens of crucial questions remain for the Gang of Eight that must be resolved before any proposal can properly be called comprehensive. The American people have a right to know the answer to each of them—and to express their views during a thorough period of public hearing and review. The public must know exactly what's in any far-reaching proposal before anyone votes on it. With that in mind, here are 10 questions for the Gang of Eight:


1.  Is this bill enforcement first or legalization first?

After the last attempt at comprehensive legislation was rejected by the public in 2007, a national consensus emerged that any successful reform of our immigration system begins with securing the border and achieving enforcement of current federal law first—before creating any new legal status or amnesty. When the Gang of Eight first emerged, "enforcement first" was a publicly stated principle. Yet, on the March 31st edition of Meet the Press, Gang of Eight member Senator Chuck Schumer said: "We've come to a basic agreement, which is that first, people will be legalized. In other words, not citizens, but they'll be allowed to work, come out of the shadows, travel. Then, we will make sure the border is secure. And we have specific metrics that are in the bill. I'm not going to get into what they are…" Following that statement, ICE officer and National ICE Council president Chris Crane explained that "the plan of the Gang of 8 appears to be legalization or amnesty first and then enforcement. That's the big problem for us… Here's my promise to America, if we don't take care of the enforcement part of this first it will never happen. The only thing that will happen is that 11 million illegal aliens will be legalized."


2.  What are the concrete metrics used to measure border security?

Since 2004, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has been required to maintain "operational control" the border, i.e., the Department must be able to detect, identify, classify, and then respond to and resolve illegal entries along our U.S. borders. According to a 2011 GAO report, the federal government has only 6.5 percent operational control of the southwest border. The stunning revelation that this administration had left the border highly vulnerable caused DHS to abandon that metric. Recently, Administration officials admitted that they have no standard by which to measure border security and have no plan to establish one, apparently because the Administration is concerned that it will discourage Congress from passing a large-scale amnesty. Meanwhile, Secretary Napolitano publicly dismissed the Gang of Eight's idea of a border security "trigger" as "not the way to go." According to recent news reports, the Gang of Eight is contemplating a trigger that simply asks DHS to submit a plan "to achieve within a decade 90 percent apprehension and 100 percent real-time surveillance." Once that plan is simply submitted, illegal immigrants would be offered amnesty and, like 1986, there will be no way to guarantee that the enforcement will ever take place. Even the rejected 2007 legislation included a stricter trigger, requiring DHS to certify 100 percent operational control of the border.


3.  Does the bill complete the border fence and secure all ports of entry?

In 2006, Congress mandated 700 miles of physical double-layer border fencing. To date, only 36.3 miles of that fencing have been completed. Additionally, DHS has failed to comply with Congress' nearly 20-year-old mandate that the government implement a biometric exit system to track visa overstays, which account for an estimated 40 percent of the illegal population in the country today. After the attacks of September 11th, the 9/11 Commission identified the absence of such a system as a national security threat. Importantly, GAO has specifically stated that without a biometric exit system, "DHS cannot ensure the integrity of the immigration system by identifying and removing those people who have overstayed their original period of admission." Any comprehensive immigration reform must adhere to Congress' mandate that a biometric exit system be implemented at all ports of entry—air, land, and sea.


4.  Who gets amnesty and how many?

The rhetoric of comprehensive reform often emphasizes that those illegal immigrants who have made lives for themselves in this country should be given amnesty. But no one knows who is actually eligible for amnesty under this bill and how many will be legalized. Questions include: the age of those eligible for amnesty; how long they have been in the country and how recently they illegally entered; whether they can petition to bring their family members from abroad; how many people will be legalized in total once all future family migration is taken into account; and how verification of identities, date of arrival, employment, and other information will occur. News reports have indicated that some people will have an accelerated path to citizenship, but precisely who and how many is unknown. Reports further indicate that the plan will grant citizenship to 300,000 people in the country with temporary protected status. Also at issue is what happens to those who do not apply for the so-called probationary legal status (or those who apply and fail to meet the criteria) and whether they will be identified and deported (and within a time certain) or will not be deemed an administrative "priority."


5.  How will the bill impact American workers and wages?

In 2007, the last time a comprehensive bill was considered and rejected, the unemployment rate was 4.5 percent. Today it is nearly 8 percent, and the labor force participation is at a 30-year low. Economic growth remains tepid. Youth unemployment is 25 percent. A record number of Americans are on welfare. A large-scale amnesty combined with a dramatic increase in the future flow of immigration—including chain migration—will certainly have a negative impact on the wages and employment of American citizens. Already, the U.S. allows approximately 700,000 guest workers to enter the country each year. It has been roughly estimated that this bill will increase that number to over a million per year—and that increase in guest workers would be in addition to the increase in the future flow of immigration generally and the legalization of those now unlawfully present. As The Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol recently pointed out, "at the end of the day simple economics say: if there is an extra supply of a couple hundred thousand low-income workers, that probably doesn't help the job prospects. Especially for those Americans who have been hurt the most over the past 20-30 years: which is lower-middle working class, not college educated workers." Imagine the real-world consequences of immediately introducing into the workforce millions of newly legalized workers—both to compete with out-of-work Americans and to continue holding jobs that would otherwise be available to citizens and to legal immigrants who waited years for the opportunity to seek work in the United States. Another area of concern for American workers is whether the bill will require that all employers use E-Verify within one year and re-verify current employees within three years, resume worksite inspections, and create and enforce sufficient penalties for the continued hiring of illegal labor.


6.  Is the guest worker program truly temporary?

According to the AFL-CIO (one of the primary parties to the Gang of Eight negotiations), guest workers can petition for green cards within one year, which means the program is yet another pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants and accompanying chain migration. A true guest worker program is just that: it requires that a participant's stay in the country is limited, precludes them from bringing family, and requires that they return to their home countries each year for a defined period of time.


7.  Does the bill put a stop to sanctuary cities and resume cooperation with local law enforcement?

Dangerous sanctuary city policies—which this administration has ignored while suing states that are trying to support federal law enforcement—require local law enforcement to disregard requests by federal authorities to detain criminal aliens for a short time until they arrive and release them back into the community where they commit more crimes against citizens and immigrants alike. In addition, despite initially touting its effectiveness and success, the Obama Administration has dismantled the 287(g) program, a force multiplier through which federal law enforcement train state and local law enforcement in federal immigration law. To be effective, any comprehensive reform must specifically prohibit sanctuary city policies and reinstate and enhance programs like 287(g).


8.  How does the bill guarantee that the Administration will not ignore future laws as it has with the laws already on the books?

With the stroke of a pen, the Obama Administration has unilaterally waived entire portions of federal immigration law through a so-called deferred action policy and the unprecedented abuse of prosecutorial discretion. ICE officers—the ones responsible for enforcement of federal immigration law in the interior of the country—have been left with no choice but to sue the Administration to protest these actions as unlawful and unconstitutional. Any attempt at comprehensive reform must end this abuse of executive power, address these constitutional concerns, and explain how promises of future enforcement will be met when the Administration refuses to enforce current law.


9.  How does the bill ensure that federal public charge law is enforced and that illegal immigrants do not access the welfare state through the granting of green cards and citizenship?

Federal law explicitly bars entry to those likely to rely on federal assistance. Yet an estimated one in three immigrants currently receive some form of federal welfare. An inquiry from the Ranking Members of Senate Budget, Finance, Judiciary, and Agriculture Committees revealed that federal public charge law is currently unenforced and is, in fact, actively undermined by the federal government. The president of the ICE Council said of this statutory protection for taxpayers: "We are not permitted to enforce that statute. Period." DHS confirmed it was unable to identify a single public charge within the United States in 2012 (having checked records through August). With respect to those illegal immigrants who would receive amnesty under the bill, sponsors have likened their initial probationary legal status to non-immigrant visas. Under a faithful reading of current law, no legal applicant would be eligible for a non-immigrant visa if they are likely to live off public assistance at any future point. Yet the Gang of Eight's framework does not mention a public charge screening process (which is different from a work requirement) for illegal aliens seeking legal status—effectively establishing a lower threshold for illegal immigrants than for legal immigrants. Additionally, current green card holders are eligible for a vast array of federal benefits, including Medicaid, food stamps, and cash welfare, indicating that today's low-income illegal population will become eligible for these benefits once they attain green cards as the proposal outlines.


10.  What is the long-term cost of the bill?

The true cost of the bill will occur outside the 10-year budgetary window, as illegal immigrants become eligible for green cards and ultimately citizenship. Once they become eligible for green cards, they will also be eligible for myriad public assistance, welfare, and entitlement programs. Tellingly, the four Democrat members of the Gang of Eight voted against restrictions on illegal immigrants' access to Medicaid and Obamacare. The long-term cost, on net, for Obamacare alone is likely to be around $2 trillion, with Medicare and Social Security expected to account for another $2.5 trillion. These are net costs—in other words, the amount paid in to the U.S. Treasury by the newly amnestied population is expected to be dramatically less than the amount paid out.


[NOTE: To view this document as a PDF, please click here]


U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) serves on four Senate committees: Armed Services, Judiciary, Environment and Public Works, and as Ranking Member of the Budget Committee. Visit Sessions online at his website or via YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. Note: Please do not reply to this email. For further information, contact Sen. Sessions' Press Office at (202) 224-4124.



Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Free Market Seminar - April 29-30 - High-school Students - FREE


Here's a YouTube video of what to expect from this free seminar:

The Free Market Warrior Economic Literacy Seminar

Learn what every American and Patriot MUST KNOW about Free Market Economics and how they REALLY affect the economy.

Most Politicians don't even know this about our economy.

1. Can you explain why some tax cuts (Bush's second term, Obama's proposed) do absolutely nothing to stimulate the economy, while others (Reagan's, Bush's first term) provide a great stimulus?

2. Were you taught in High School that the federal government needs to protect consumers from corporate monopolies that would otherwise be able to charge whatever they wanted?

3. Were you taught that Roosevelt's New Deal saved the country by intervening in the economy and "stimulating" demand?

4. Did you know that the biggest problem with American healthcare (one that is financially hurting us all) is that there is far too much insurance coverage?

5. Would you be surprised to learn that the economic theories espoused by the current administration and congressional leaders were conclusively disproved more than 100 years ago?

The seminar is given over two evenings and divided into four parts:

· Intellectual and Historical Roots of Socialism: Understanding its broad appeal.

· The Intellectual and Historical Roots of Capitalism: Why we'll starve without it.

· The Source of Value: Two contrasting views and their implications.

· Applying the Principles of Freedom to the Problems of Today: Taxes, Education, Health Care, Protectionism and Outsourcing, Population, Natural Resources and many more.

This is a great opportunity for High School Students to get the real scoop on America's Free Market Principles. Bring your teenagers!

April 29th and 30th at the Family Vision Library – 6:30 to 10:00 pm

2020 Parkway Drive

St. Peters, Missouri 63376


The event is free to the public, but offerings to the Family Vision Library and Loren Spivack are appreciated.

Contact Lisa Payne-Naeger at or the Family Vision Library
'Free Market Warrior" Loren Spivack at Tea Party in South Boston
At Fort Independence Tea Party in South Boston, Aug. 22, 2010. "Free Market Warrior" Loren Spivack g...

Special Prayer Event at the Capitol - Hosted by Missouri Family Network

~ See attached Word document for details ~


Show Me Your Glory Lord


Forty Days of

 Prayer & Fasting




April 2, 2013  -  May 11, 2013


Please Join With Hundreds of

Concerned Christians

Responding to Our Budget Crisis


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

5 pm, 1st Floor Rotunda


Sponsored by:

National Day of Prayer and multiple

Christian Ministries and Denominations


Churches and ministries from all across Missouri will

gather in the capitol rotunda from 5 pm - 6:30 pm

for a prayer assembly to kick off a special called

forty day prayer and fasting emphasis over our

State's budget needs.


Participants are NOT advocating any issues or positions related to

the many controversial topics associated with the State's budget.


Leaders of the prayer assembly will acknowledge elected officials

who are present but will not publicly highlight individuals by name,

positions or party affiliation.  Throughout this forty days of prayer

and fasting Christians and Churches will be encouraged to focus on

prayer for their elected officials with an understanding of the difficult

decisions legislators must make on the budget.


Prayer Principles


Unity  -  Motives  -  Wisdom  -  Patience  -  Humility  -  Solutions


Show Me Your Glory Lord


Calling on the Lord to show Missouri His glory

as we demonstrate our dependence upon Him.


In all your prayers remember your lawmakers, staff, and families!




Protocol for Prayer Walking the Capital


Our assignment: Pray at the Capitol, inside and outside the building and for all the people who work here.

Our focus: To intercede in prayer for legislators, staff and families, that the Divine Will of God be achieved. 

Please be respectful, polite and aware that there are many activities going on in the Capitol. We do not want to be a distraction in any way. Therefore we ask that you respectfully honor the following:


·         Please prayer walk in common areas of the building and grounds only. Do not enter into individual offices or approach individual people while you are praying.  We do recommend that you go to your Representative and Senator's office and thank them for their public service and let them know you are praying for them personally, for their staff, and their families.


·         As you pray remain humble, sensitive and courteous. When praying or worshiping, do so quietly.


·         Prayer walk in groups of two or more.  It is not recommended to exceed groups of 10-12.


·         It is easy to get distracted and opinionated when praying for the government and public officials. Stay focused on the assignment. Do not engage in political conversations or express your personal opinion on the issues.  We are here on this day to pray only.  Please deal with issues another time.


·         We are servants of the Lord and are here to serve our public servants and bless them as we journey on our prayer walk.  We have been invited to come by them and we are their guests.  We want to be a sweet smelling savor to God and our legislators. 


·         Do not be emotional, pray loudly, or manifest in any physical manner that would draw attention to your group or yourselves.  Please pray for the attached Budget Breakdown and Prayer Principles.


Where to Prayer Walk – Who to Pray For


Throughout the Capitol are legislative offices for elected officials, staff and support personnel.

Each of these people serve Missouri.  They are interconnected by staff.  They all have families.



Wherever you pray remember to include all support staff and families.




First Floor

Second Floor

Third Floor

Fourth Floor


Appropriations Staff


Research Offices


Senate Computer Information Systems

& Printing Services


House & Senate

Bill Rooms


House Hearing Rooms


State Museum Off.

Maintenance Staff



State Auditor


Information Services


Rotunda – Museums


Legislative Research


Senate Hearing Rooms





Office of Administration


Office of the Governor


Office of the Lieutenant Governor


Secretary of State


State Treasurer


Senators' Offices


Representatives' Offices


Security Personnel

(Throughout Building)


House & Senate Chambers


Senate Lounge


Senators' Offices


Legislative Library


House Lounge


Representatives' Offices


House & Senate Staff Offices


House Visitors' Galleries


Senate Visitors' Galleries


Press Gallery

Press Corps Offices are located on the First Floor


Senators' Offices


Representatives' Offices


5th Floor Staff not public



Monday, April 01, 2013

A Few School Board Endorsements

Dear Friends,

Tomorrow is a day that we have to make a difference in our community.  I am sending out a list of our conservatives friends that are running for school board.  In Mehlville and Parkway we only have one good candidate but we are told to vote for two candidates.  I would urge you not to do that in the Mehlville and Parkway race.  Please vote for one and only one in that race.  By voting for two candidates, in the end your might be giving the opponent more votes to win over the candidate we would like to see win.  The conservative candidates are as follows:

Lori Trakas-Mehlville
Garrett Meiss-Hancock
Amy Russell-Kirkwood
Eric Peterson-Kirkwood
Jennifer Clifton-Parkway

Thanks for making your voice heard.

God Bless,

Lisa Pannett

Fwd: Anti-Agenda 21 Rally (Property Rights) in Jefferson City on April 4, 8:00 a.m. Please be there!

Capitol Rotunda (First Floor)

Thursday, April 4

8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.

Subject: U.N. AGENDA 21
Dear Missouri Patriot,
Many of of us are familiar with the term Agenda 21. Some of you much more so than the rest, but each of us feel this movement is encroaching into every aspect of our lives. Agenda 21 threatens to keep individuals from holding private property, it affects our children's education, water resources, energy availability,etc and it is already infringing upon our liberties daily here in Missouri. To prevent this happening, we have to have a wide grassroot movement to address Agenda 21. We need a plan to meet the issues of the Agenda threatening us as American citizens.
Ike Skelton is a grassroots activist who, along with other grassroots organizers from across the State, have been tirelessly working to stop Agenda 21 from taking over our State. From these efforts a group called "Missourians Against Agenda 21″ ( has emerged. There are three prongs to this organization: 1. Communication 2. Education 3. Legislation.
We are sending you information in regard to the Legislative arm. You would think with Missouri's Senate and House both having a Republican Majority, the task of getting such bills passed would be very simple. WRONG! The House Bill was held up from a floor vote by the Republican Leadership, but thanks to our grassroot efforts and our new champions of the Republican Party, Ed Martin and Shane Schoeller, Lyle Rowland's House Bill 42 will be voted on April 8th. The Senate Bill has been voted out of committee.
For more information on the bills go here:
Here are ways each of YOU can help…
Please see the attachment with bullet points from Missourians Against Agenda 21. We are asking each of you to use these in calling your State Rep and Senator to:
  1. Ask OUR leadership to put these bills on the floor for discussion in both the House and Senate with an up or down vote.
  2. Urge YOUR legislator to vote YES on these bills.
  3. On April the 4th there will be an Agenda 21 Rally in the Capitol Rotunda from 8:00 AM-10: AM with speakers and informational tables from grassroot activists across the State of Missouri. Please urge YOUR legislator to drop by the rally and tables. This would be a good opportunity for constituents to pay their legislators a visit.
  4. Invite YOUR legislators to an Education Night at the Capitol on 4/3/2013 in Hearing room 3 starting at 7 PM and ending promptly at 9 PM with expert speakers on A21 including:
    • Mindy Patterson, from The Cavalry Group, St. Louis, MO (
    • Thelma Taormina, a national speaker on Agenda 21 who appeared with Glenn Beck
    • Ray Cunio,a grassroots activist in Missouri who has worked with Agenda 21 issues for over 30 years here in our state.
    • Jennie Burlsworth, President and Founder of Secure the Republic
    • Stacy Shore, activist and expert on private property rights
This will be an opportunity for our legislators to receive educational information, ask questions about this issue, have discussion and give their commitments.
PLEASE TAKE NOTE! We are requesting each of YOU to make your call(s) on 3/25/2013 using at least one but not more than three, of these bullet points. We realize many more points could be used which may be better than what we have provided. However, we are asking all grassroot organizations come together and carry the SAME message from all over the state. When OUR legislators hear the same message coming from all across OUR state this will have a greater impact showing we are united in our efforts. (*Note: We have received word that the bills will be voted on on April 8, so if you cannot make your call on 3/25, you can still make them up until April 7.)
To find your legislators' contact information go to these links:
We appreciate your assistance in this effort. Should any of you have questions or concerns please email me at: kgraves3 [at] or Judy Sofka jsofka [at]
Thank you….
Karladine Graves
Note: If you are unfamiliar with U.N. Agenda 21…go here..
(Note: This is a nonpartisan issue, so please have include all your contacts in this effort, no matter their party affiliation)
Click here for the bullet points on which to speak to your legislators.